Thursday, May 19, 2011

7 Layer Cookies--Color Coordinated For Your Wedding Day

We are all familiar with the green, white and pink chocolate covered 7 Layer Cookies found in Italian bakeries around the world, but on the blog Diary of A Mad Hausfrau you'll find versions of these traditional cookies in unique color and flavor combinations.  By changing the colors and sometimes the fillings of these cookies the writer has given every bride ideas on how to color coordinate these cookies to match her wedding colors.  The recipe for the two new versions of these cookies can be found on her blog.  The pink and green versions can be found on earlier posts of this blog. 

Which version you choose will be up to you.  You can choose the traditional cookies (shown above) or some of the more up to date versions in assorted colors, some more spring-like, some for fall.  OK, so I stuck you with one more decision to make, just what you needed right?


  1. Wow. Just found your blog. Thanks for featuring my cookies!

  2. Glad you like tham Jessica--a bit of work but well worth it!

  3. Love your blog Lora, highly recommend it to all bloggers as a must read!