Friday, June 17, 2011

Sustainable Farmhouse Centerpiece

Why pay a small fortune for flowers in fancy containers? Instead head to your local farmer's market and load up of gorgeous veggies (or grow your own for even more savings!).  Add them to a wooden box and use them as a rustic centerpiece.  These boxes came from The Container Store, all less than $8.00 each. Photo courtesy of A Subtle Revelry.  For more great design inspirations head over to A Subtle Revelry and view the creative genius there!

Tuscan Farmhouse Wedding

Feel like having an Italian wedding? Why not decorate your tables like a Tuscan farm feast? Bread sticks, heirloom tomatoes, olives....the three varying heights entrance the eye and the colors and scents make everyone feel like they are in Tuscany, (even if they're really in Chicago!)    Serve with some hearty Tuscan fare for dinner and you are set!  A destination wedding without ever leaving home!  Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart.