Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Italian Wedding Gowns Go Romantic

In Italy wedding gowns go extreme...extreme couture, extreme romance and extreme color and cut.   Antonella Rossi's gowns are all that and more.  Sure, she makes the plain Jane white gowns too (well actually nothing Antonella's designs is 'plain') but her expertise is providing Italian brides (or anyone willing to travel to get one of her gowns) with a gown to 'WOW' everyone at their wedding. 

The dress above has a floral overlay with a pink underskirt.  Not exactly a typical dress by United States standards for sure!

The blue underskirt of the gown above certainly adds plenty of 'something blue' to your wedding day!  The blue underskirt and the blue on the bodice are sure to draw your guests eyes.  Antonella Rossi once again hits a home run.

Looking for a gown that's not white or even off white? This gown certainly does that.  Perfect for the older bride, for a second wedding, or even for a bridesmaid dress, this skin tone gown by Antonella
 Rossi perfectly combines color and cut in a style that is glamorous without sacrificing that Italian sense of style. 

Some say the French are the leaders in the fashion world, Rossi is well on her way to proving them wrong.  She designs for brides at all stages in their life, not just for a girl.  Head to Rossi's web site to see still more of her fashionable gowns for the bride as well as accessories.