Saturday, June 26, 2010

Florentina Oval Favor Box

Exquisite fleur-de-lis embossed design decorate this beautiful box for the Italian wedding. Inside, sugared almonds are added and personalization for each guest.  Tie each box with a pretty ribbon or one with your names and wedding date on it.


Rachetti Branch Five Part Trees for Traditional Italian Wedding Favors

Photo and design courtesy of

Rachetti-Branch Five-Part Trees are a traditional Italian wedding favor made up of five almond holders bound together on a single stem to save you a step. The bride's family places a sugared Jordan Almond in the center of each petal and wrap it in place in half or by thirds, as shown.  Decorate stem with pretty ribbon and small decorative flowers.  You can also purchase each stem seperately so you have more control over the design.  Your guests will appreciate the time and effort you put in to each small gift. 

Tuscan Table Setting in Pinks and Browns

Photography Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens Website

This long narrow table is typical of a wedding reception in Tuscany. Tables are long and narrow and arranged in a U-shape in the wedding color combination -- chocolate brown (in the linen runner), pink (in the peony arrangements), and chartreuse (in the menus tucked into the folds of the napkins).