Saturday, February 20, 2010

Choosing and Wearing your Tiara and Veil

Once you have chosen your dress you will be looking for and choosing what to wear on your head. This may not be as exciting as choosing your dress but there are a number of options. The fashion this year is most definitely still for tiaras. The magazines are full of pictures of brides wearing fabulous tiaras and I wonder if tiaras will ever go out of fashion. They come in a wide range of designs and prices and look good on everyone from bride to bridesmaids. Whether or not you decide to wear a veil unless you want to wear fresh or silk flowers in your hair a tiara will finish the look for you. Tiaras with sparkling crystals or diamantes look absolutely fabulous and need not cost a fortune. This is something you can buy on the internet with confidence at much lower prices than in the shops. As long as you check that the site is reputable e.g. do they take credit cards and not just Pal Pay, do they have a good range of tiaras, are the pictures of the tiaras clear? One site that has a fabulous range of tiaras from top designers is or Do not assume that because you are buying from an internet site that you are getting a good deal. We have seen many sites charging exorbitant prices for what are little more than bits of wire with a crystal on the end.

A good site will sell branded tiaras and you can try these on in a shop and compare the prices! Some sites ask you to complete an order form and send it with a cheque!! There are hundreds of sites out there, many selling cheap mass produced rubbish made in the far east. You will see identical tiaras (mostly extremely tasteless!) on a lot of these sites. Do not buy from them unless you want to spoil your look with a tacky tiara! There are also many sites where the tiaras are handmade by woman sitting at home! Some of these are absolutely gorgeous but tend to be very expensive. You do not want to pay a fortune for a few crystals wired onto a cheap head band. Others are very basic and not very attractive. Some sites sell tiaras made by known designers as their own design and charge well over the normal retail price for them, pretending that they are hand made to order. Look long and hard before you buy.

Veils can be very expensive and again these can be bought for as low as a third of the shop price from online stores. If you find a good one they will probably sell veils, tiaras, petticoats and even shoes. Just make sure that you know what the returns policy is so that if you are not happy with your purchase you can return it. A good site to buy veils in

Your tiara should be positioned carefully on your head and your hairdresser will be able to attach it so that it will stay in place during the entire wedding day. If you are wearing a veil that is positioned directly behind the tiara. Some brides choose to wear their veil positioned at the back of the head and this does look pretty.

If you are marrying in church it is traditional to wear the veil on the head with the top layer (sometimes called a blushes) over your face as you walk down the aisle. Traditional the person who is ‘giving away’ the bride then lifts back the tops layer to reveal the bride’s face to her groom.


  1. wedding depot has some nice ones too.

  2. wow so italian! too much bling for me!

  3. these are a little over the top for me but a small tiara i can see

  4. Too blingy for me, I need something small,dainty